Thursday, December 15, 2011

A few degrees makes all the difference

A deluge of rain. Torrential, soaking rain. If it were snow, I would be all bundled up and walking in it. I would be listening to the deep hush of it. I would be dazzled by the sparkle and the cold air. If it were snow. Alas, it rains. I organized many spaces in our wee apartment today. We'll have a house guest starting Sunday. I couldn't stand the idea of all of our packed boxes and patched empty walls greeting her. So I re-hung some art and mirrors, and organized storage spaces. I feel back weary but much happier, and more prepared for company.
Last Minute Panic begins tomorrow, and so, it appears, will my period. Awesome. I've spent many years making peace with it, embracing it, eating healthier and as a result have had better and better periods over the years. But I really...Really don't relish the idea of being anywhere that isn't near microwave popcorn, my heating pad, and the couch on day 1.

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