Friday, December 30, 2011

Beginings and Gratitude

I dreamed of the project last night. I dreamed of origami creations with messages hidden in them, and of cards that needed a magnifying glass to read. I dreamed of not getting them done in time, and of cheating and making a bunch all at once. I'm full of ideas and excited to learn new things as I work to create something unique each day.
On the verge of a new year I want to take a moment to express gratitude. I'll put it in list form, as I'm a fan of lists.
I'm Thankful For:
The wonder of healing and spontaneous forgiveness I experienced with my Mom before she died
Being there with her when she passed away
My siblings; all that we experienced this year, sorrowful and joyful
The Cappy's warmth, generosity, acceptance and love
A beautiful, joyful wedding
My amazing kindred spirit friend
Making great big leaps into the unknown
Native Offerings Farm
Growth, love, optimism
Continuing to grow through friendship
so much more...

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