Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aphid fever

The last few weeks I've been creating new canvases, and am really happy with the new ones. I created a few 5x5's that I especially like. Big Victorian Drama! Today I began practicing my set-up for the Last Minute Panic show this weekend at WNYBAC. I also began creating a 'Curiosities' banner from 1800's Harper covers and cut out letters from the pages. All fun and exciting stuff. Then I cried to my chiropractor which is new for me. But, I've got 'the hormones' which is code-ish for 'I'm gonna get my period any minute and I'm crying...a lot'.
This morning I battled the aphids we've got exploding out of our christmas tree. Alright, there's a bit of dramatic exaggeration in that last statement. After breakfast Boris was under the tree, looking at something...veeeery intently. He often does this with shadows so at first I didn't take much notice. The next time I looked, however, he was in the exact same spot, doing the 'I am poking it with my paw to see what happens' thing. So I stooped for a look and drew back with an exclamatory 'what the hell are those?!'. According to the google search 'bugs on my christmas tree' I learned that they're aphids. (To which Nik replied in rapid fire panicing-but-not-panicing-voice 'Spiders? So they're Spiders? There are Spiders on the tree?'. Noooo, not Spiders..Aphids!)
According to the nice tree farmer folks on line, they'll mostly die on their own once they realize it's not summer, only a warm-ish apartment with zero humidity and no food source. Phew. So I vacuumed and I periodically kill some with a kleenex. Haaaaappy Hollllidays!

Aphid tree, oh Aphid tree, how lovely are your Aphids...

And Boris...the aphid hunter

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