Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Cheer and Profit

Heck yes, Last Minute Panic ROCKED! Heck yes. My body felt just fine, I was open, relaxed, and happy. It was a successful sale both in profit and feedback. I always value the feedback and conversations I have at shows. This one was no exception. I'm so grateful to everyone who not only enjoyed what I make, but who gifted it to others. My canvases did really well, which thrilled me because I love them so much.
Happy Flo.
On Saturday we went to the Alleyway Theater to see A Christmas Carole. This particular production has been running for 29 years in the same space, with (largely) the same cast. It's an intimate, small space. The production is so beautiful, and I left feeling expansive and full of Holiday Cheer. Nik and I went to The Place after and I had my first Tom & Jerry, a festive holiday drink in every respect.
All in all, a lovely lovely weekend.

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