Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 # 26 'Black Widow' and a canvas!

The text for this card came from an article about spiders found in Harper's Magazine cr 1878. The image is also from Harper's.
I made a canvas this morning too, which makes me happy. I've held on to the quote 'Pedgift Senior helped himself to a pinch of snuff, and held it calmly in suspense midway between his box and his nose.' for months now. I kept looking for the right image and finally found this fellow. He's not holding a snuff box, but his hand is 'held in suspense'. Close enough. He seemed rather alone, though, and I thought this lady would round out the image. Her 1/2 of the quote was originally from the same spider article as the quote from the card.

 All it needs is another coat of mod-podge and a ribbon to hang it. Huzzah!

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