Monday, January 23, 2012

rain and art

It is warm and raining here today. I feel perfectly settled in to being productive, and creative, and cleaning house, and taking a walk, and taking new product photos for one or both of my etsy shops. But for now, I am here.
As the weather plays these little 'hints of spring' games, I am full of anticipation and some anxiety about the passing of time. I want so much to move from this little leaky space come spring. I want to look out of my windows at land and sky. I want my chicken wellies to have actual mud on them, and chicken poop. I want to create balance between creativity and labor. I am longing for these changes, and working hard on creating prosperity and abundance.
Enough with the electronics...I'm eager to get my hands on some paper. Carra gave me three more issues of Harper's and I made four new mini canvases. They're a little text-heavy because I love them that way.  I'll be editing a bit more for the next few, though. I think that if there is too much text people don't take the time to read them. And while I love them, I want them to go to other homes to live. Here are a few..

 Always dramatic.
 Ever tragic.
Ahhhh, the Victorians.

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