Thursday, February 2, 2012

365 # 33 'Do Care For Your Teeth'

I really like the way #3 is phrased. The book Facts and Fancies from 1930 is full of do's and dont's. There are lots of warnings, especially. Warnings about deadly automobiles and leaving farm gates open and the sorrow that is forgetting your mouth harp at home when you go to summer camp.

 I spent the morning listening to the death (or birth) cries of a squirrel in the living room wall. It was sad and disturbing for the entire household. Except Boris who couldn't hear it. Bijou watched the wall with the intensity only a cat can muster for disembodied noises. She wondered if she could put it out of it's misery (or eat it's young) mewmew. And I know those were her thoughts because she told me, of course ( people).
There is silence now, and I dread the thought of time's passage and the squirrel's close proximity to the radiator.

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