Friday, February 10, 2012

Noah Scalin and Julia Child

I wanted to say a great big Merci! to Noah Scalin. He has featured my project on his Make Something 365 blog, as well as giving me a shout out for making him a card on his Skull A Day site!
Thank you, Noah!

Also, I just wanted to put it out there. Julia Child? She's my friend. I don't care that we never met, or that I never watched her show. What matters is that I've found her, at last. I am reading her book My Life In France. She's wonderful, and I love her, and I want to move to France. I want to taste everything, and to see the markets and to know that the succulence that is my dish of food has such much love, passion, and tradition in it. I want to learn French and woo chefs (in a strictly culinary sense of course). Just saying it makes me feel one miniscule step closer.

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