Thursday, March 1, 2012

365 #61 Loretta Had Pirate Radio in her Soul

Go on, Loretta. Do your thing like the little girl-pirate that you are.

March arrives clad in gray. Oh, my. I feel gray, too. Blah-ish and all I want to do is clean house and make things that feel happy-inducing and learn French.
I love saying en peu, which means 'a little'. I also love je peu..which means 'I can'. Je peu parler Francais! Je peu...en peu. Peu sounds like the noise you make if there is cat fur on your lip, a pursed pushing of air with a little 'uh' at the back of your throat. C'est jolie.

Because lists give me a sense of order, I'm going to comfort myself with one right now.
1. I will read the Bloggess (at, because she is brilliant and makes me laugh out loud.
2. I will go through a box of Magic Erasers scrubbing everything in the house
3. I will terrify Bijou with the vacuum
4. I will learn some more French
5. I will go walking and mail cards
6. I will help Nik prep supper
7. I will enjoy time with my friend who makes me laugh a lot and try not to drink too much wine

Looking at this list, what have I got to feel gray about? I mean, really.

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