Saturday, March 10, 2012

365 #70 The Brightest Boy In School

I like that this can be taken literally.

Making cards has been so difficult the last few days. I've been insanely hormonal and out of sorts, so it's taken too too much effort to make them. For instance, it took almost three hours to finally make 'A Greeting Card' (card # 68). I just kept looking at text, then looking at images and nothing felt right or looked right. I cut out lots of things, then abandoned them. This kitty and the school sign were cut out that day. I accidentally cut his feet off and cried. It had been that sort of week.
But today? So. Much. Better. Oh, sweet Aunt Flo...oh, merciful relief from the hormonal onslaught that is days 22-29 of my cycle. Everything feels easier, looks brighter, and making this card? It took about 20 minutes, text-hunting and all.

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