Monday, April 2, 2012

365 # 93 This card contains Menopausal content

Let me begin by saying I'm very pro-flow. I think periods are awesome, and it makes me happy to have one. For all of the mom's and potential mom's it's a great big reminder of the gift of fertility, which is wonderful and amazing and stuff. The 5-7 days before one's period, however, is harder to feel good about. I'm generally too cranky, pimply, and bloated to celebrate the wonders of menarche.

I hear that menopause is full of the potential for huge emotional growth. That it is full of creativity and self awareness, not just night sweats and vaginal dryness. I choose to believe that it will be Amazing, and I will be a glowing, sparkly menopausal lady (and not from sporting a perpetual sweat 'stache).
Here is a card to celebrate menopause!
 The outside reads 'Great Heavens! I'm free from the curse'
 'happy menopause'

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  1. Well said. Your musings are so true, and the card is fun :)