Sunday, May 27, 2012


I skipped two entire days of posting. Two entire days. Part of me feels fine about this, liberated and busy with lots of other things. Another part feels anxious and ashamed of my failure to fulfill this project.
But I've been wildly productive and having so much fun with the alphabet boxes. I made 10 more and feel like I could make them endlessly. So today I will post more boxes and move on and let this project evolve or change or end as it naturally will. I will be as kind and accepting of myself in the process as possible. I will stay open to the fluidity of it all, and just keep on making things that make me happy...

pics to follow...


  1. Go easy on yourself...I do know how you feel, though. ;)

    I had a dream last night that we were driving down the Interstate and there was a new billboard... it said "In the Floment". :)

  2. That's an incredible dream! How fun...a road trip.

    Thanks for the sweet reminder to be kind. :)