Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some odd...

It feels good to take a minute to sit and write. It has been a whirlwind week. I spent time with family, ate the best caramel popcorn (with peanuts) Ever, and got new items for Flo's Olio (flosolio.etsy.com). I even managed to photograph, edit, and list some things already! I also finalized the outline for my project for Impact Artists Gallery's upcoming exhibit in August.

Good stuff, and all with drama and hormones and hot hot days. :)

Back to court tomorrow for the second time. I knew that calling the cops as I witnessed a break in was a good deed. But I've been less pleased with adjournments and letters "Commanding" me to appear. I think tomorrow should be the end of it, though.

I'm real tired and real happy to be home with the sweet Nik'l of my own heart and ready to stop moving, thinking, talking, doing. And in this quiet space I can take a deep breath, and just be at home.

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