Monday, June 11, 2012

Camping is...

So...rugged. As we neared Vermont we Were surprised to find that there were no more Tim Hortons. Or Starbucks. Or, it seemed, any places that sell coffee by the cup. We did find a lovely little organic bakery eventually that sold us two iced coffees for the road.
For a while we followed behind a Walmart truck and wondered if it would vaporize on the Vermont boarder.

The campground is stunning. It smells of pine and is green and the light feels soft. We walked around Emerald Lake which is as green and clear as you would expect. There is an island in the center and today we will kayak and hike.

Our camp spot is secluded and very quiet and the Mosquitos are plentiful, persistent, and large. I hate the mosquito. I can respect that, like all things it has a role to play in our delicate ecosystem. But it Bites me, resulting in the chills and huge welt. I was shrouded in clothes and a plume of citronella spray last night until at last we retreated to the tent, me with a big bite on my forehead.

There were such owl calls last night! Sounds I've never heard and it was ethereal and beautiful and super creepy all at once. All in all a wonderful first day. Oh..and we met a remarkable, active, vibrant woman named Regina who is (71, and you'd not guess it) camping here too. She is learning to fly fish today and was a fount of info on living in the state.
All in all I love it. I have bug anxiety sometimes but I feel quiet and happily connected.
Oh...and supper was Pad Thai in a bag...and it was Delicious!!

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