Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Danes...the love and the drool.

This week I had the great big happy opportunity to walk a Great Dane..twice. Her name is Ruth. She is pretty much the perfect dog.
Things I really love about her...
*Her head. It is enormous and holds her soulful eyes and her ears are like velvet.
*Her incredibly good behavior on the leash. I mean, really..she must weigh 120lbs, and yet she heels at the slightest pressure and when you stop at crossings, she leans into you.
*The intimidation factor. People cross the street to avoid her. I felt like I could walk anywhere and there was a big sweet Ruth barrier of safety around me.
*She's playful in a really terrifying way. Again, her enormity is not to be understated, and when she decides to run in circles and whip around, one experiences a real sense of possible injury.

Things I don't love so much...
*There is no plastic bag that makes picking up that kind of poop okay. It's just...too much.
*When she drinks water, there is a torrent of the stuff that pours from her sweet gentle soft dog mouth. I do mean a torrent. Which is kind of icky.
Look at her. Resistance is futile. She is love.
 I also made many more ABC boxes this week. The WNYBAC show is in a month, and I have high hopes for these. I think that they'll sell well in person. I love them, and have enjoyed making them...and a profit would be nice!
My French is coming along well after a hiatus from it. Review went quickly and I'm back into new material, which is exciting! Practice is so important, and I have Carra to chat with. She teaches me all of the slang bits so I don't sound overly formal, and I have met a Frenchman named Tony...who I have yet to speak a word of French to. But I will. Je peux parle Francais avec Tony! Je peux!!

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