Thursday, June 7, 2012

in a nutshell, or corn kernel.

Things I'm thankful for...
*Whirleypop and the amazing popcorn it makes
*Good eye contact with authentic people
*The love that pours through Nik'l into the delicious and healthy meals she shares
*Cheese that smells devastating and tastes like goats and love and nuance
*The gift Carra gives me when she lets me help her wade through a room full of history
*Each opportunity I get to live better, feel better, and be kinder to myself
*Cats that aren't mine, but who love me a little (never as much as they love their mother)
*Packing for a trip a week ahead of time, then unpacking, then doing it all again the night before we leave
*Leaving for a road trip very early in the morning
*Adventures with Nik to places we've never been
*Singing Melissa Manchester aloud in a space that echoes
*Iced coffee
*The way paint transforms a room, and the way it smells..mmmm
I could just go on and on today. I'm really, truly grateful and happy and feel such a tremendous lot of love in my life. Woot! Only Two days till we go camping in Vermont! :)!!

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