Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh Vermont.

I love it here. Yesterday we kayaked. I am a kayaker. I felt like a fresh water mermaid minus the hair. And tail. The lake was shallow at the edges and clear, so clear. One end was full of green, softly swaying aquatic plants and it felt like I was looking down on a forest. Small fish darting in an out like wingless birds. the middle was deep and quiet and peaceful.

We had another conversation with our new friend Regina. She's incredible and I feel really honored and excited to have met her. She will be our contact in Vermont! Today we will explore the south by car and tomorrow, home.

There is weather due. A nice soaker with the possibility of thunderstorms. We walked the tent, fully assembled, about 150 ft to a lean-to. It just fits inside! It makes me feel like I'm in a tree fort! Rain? Bring it.

To wrap up, a quick list of things I love right now....
The breeze
The chipmunks
This lean-to
The state of Vermont
And I am thankful to these folks for,in some way or other, making this trip possible...
My Parents, even though they're long gone
Roger and Marsha
Mammy and Pappy
And Regina, who has been an unexpected and joyful part of it!

Oh, and there are pictures from the trip on Instagram @flomade.

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