Tuesday, June 5, 2012

soap free update..

First soap free shower...wasn't soap free. I used a wee bit. And I noticed that the hot water made my skin feel dry and itchy...which led to moisturizing. I used jojoba oil which is nice, but you have to allow for some absorption time before getting dressed.
Should I be taking cool water showers to avoid the drying properties of hot water? Does that mean no more hot soaks in the tub? What about using soap on the southern tier of my being? What if I have sun screen or bug spray on my skin? Won't I need to use more than water to remove those things? Perhaps a dedicated search for a truly pure soap with minimal and pronounceable ingredients is due.
PhththththppphhhthththtT. More questions than answers. Maybe this is why I've found lots of shampoo free ladies, but no soap free ones.

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