Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Do Lists..

They're everywhere. There's the Home to do list, Packing to do, Camp gear to do list...Then there is the overarching Grand to do list. And I love it!
To Do:
*un pack and re pack (don't forget to charge camera battery!)
*clean the house
*leave notes to the 'nip mistress' from the cats...etc, etc...

I will also be putting my etsy shops 'on vacation' for the first time ever. Flomade's sales inevitably involve lots of emails and often a request to rush an item. I love custom orders best and to get one while away would distract and stress me. And I really want to be present on this trip. That means no Words With Friends, but I will still likely post photos to Instagram periodically.

We will see much of the State, drive through lots of rural areas, and talk to lots of people. Nik will be applying at some places along the way, and we will see what happens. There is so much I love about Buffalo, like the food...Bistro Europa and Kuni's and Nickel City Cheese and Merchantile (oohhhh, Nickel City Cheeeese). I would miss the close proximity to my sister Beth and the Cappy Ranch, walking to Carra's and hearing accordian as I approach, supper and drinks with Roger and Marsha, Coffee with Barb. The people I see regularly. Earl.

Rural property is the ultimate goal, but the more we look at the politics of NYS and the fracking the more we favor being somewhere else. We'll just have to see. The path we're on keeps unfolding before us whether we see it in advance or not. This trip may clear the way for a homestead in VT, or it may loop around and point us in another direction altogether. We can only see it one step at a time!

Here we go....weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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