Saturday, July 21, 2012

An old card and Buffy gets the Love.

Firstly, the Buffy post got so many views! More than any single post a Lot! I'm thinking of mentioning Buffy The Vampire Slayer in every single post now.

Here is a favorite card from February. Really, I think it's the wee small summation of Charles'  life that I love best. I may re visit his story to  flesh it out a little.

 Here is Charles. Perhaps as a boy Charles was encouraged to write verses, as he showed some talent for them. But Charles reeaalllyyyy loved millinery. He loved to watch his mother shop for hats. He loved the way they sat upon her sleek head. He loved their extravagance and elegance and ohhh, their beauty. But the educational system in which Charles was raised limited him to writing verses. Alas.

 In his 20's Charles visited Paris. He apprenticed with a milliner. He fell in love with Everything. This great love burnt in his breast his entire life long. And he wrote verses about sleek heads adorned with exceptionally beautiful hats.

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