Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buffy!! And painting stuff...and Buffy!!!

A much better day. I spent it with my Heart's Desire, painting my Sparkling UniCan friend's kitchen. Win win. The paint job was sort of on the agenda, but also unmentioned the last few days, so C will come home to a very scrubbed clean, re painted, re arranged kitchen. I do hope she likes it!

When I don't mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I get about the usual amount of blog views. But if I just mention Buffy randomly, and don't talk about the fantastic plot, brilliant dialogue, intense character development, or really bad clothes (and hair..really, what's with Xander's hair in season 7?! BAD HAIR), then people will look at my blog, falsely lured, and be angry. Not as angry as Willow was when she opened the portal to retrieve Buffy this season, but still..angry.

Okay, time to shower, relax and wait to hear from C about her kitchen. I really hope she likes it. And that she doesn't read this before she gets home tonight. Aaannd that she likes it.

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