Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The business of creating

I'm working on some ideas to help me make more sales. I get plenty of people who 'like' my items, but not a slew of sales, so I asked for help. I wrote to a few random people who have added items, in particular ABC boxes as 'favorite' items. I asked, in a round about way, for feedback on why they 'like' but didn't purchase. Cost? Shipping? Uncertainty about how to display them? I got some great feedback, which I'm really grateful for. Dar, who has a beautiful etsy shop here:
helped a lot, not to mention being a Vermonteer and sharing some things about her journey to living there.

So, for July I am offering free shipping on the ABC boxes to see if it helps make a few sales, and to get these wonderful little boxes into other peoples homes.
A is for Accordion!
 I'm also working on a way to hang them, like a little shelf that can be bought separately for display.
 K is for an orange shirt.
 N is for Naked ladies.But tastefully so.
B is for Brassiere.

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