Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain At Last!!

It's Raining! Not a paltry little spritz of moisture, but a good solid rain that's been falling for about a half hour so far. It has been a dry, dry summer everywhere. The lawns are mostly brown and burnt, Bidwell Parkway looks like hay has been scattered on it. Everyone is thirsty. This rain will wash all the dust off and give the green a pick me up. Then everything will look a little like it does in Spring, when you're thirsty for the color green and your eyes feel happy to soak and soak it all up. Huzzah!!

We had a car scare yesterday. We packed the car for an overnight in the ADK's, and were all psyched up for a Road Trip(yay!!). When Nik'l started the car, it just made a clicking sound. The second time produced a terrible, grindy noise that was cringe worthy. The third time it started (phew). But...she thought maybe it was the starter. We went to get a beverage for the road and to the bank, and the same thing happened when we tried to start the car. Bah. Much discussion ensued about our ability to pop the clutch if the starter really died, whether AAA would rescue us from a rest stop if needed, how much a starter would cost($125?!?!), and what we thought the trip would cost with gas and tolls. Sad to say, we headed home. No road trip, no ADK's. The good news is..(bear with my lack of technical accuracy) it had something to do with the clutch, and the cruise control(?). The battery checked out just fine and Pappy, dear Pappy was able to 'fix' it..and didn't even charge for labor! Thanks, Pappy.

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