Thursday, July 12, 2012

Standing still at breakneck speed

I am stuck. But I am not stuck, lest I believes't I am (see paragraph 2). I am craving new space to live in, to call home, to thrive in. I am still here. Moving forward infinitesimally and stopping every millimeter in wonder and doubt. How to make it work? By letting it work, of course. By trusting the process, trusting my life. Trusting that both Nik and I make decisions from our hearts and from a place of care and love and hope. I dream of streams and sweet air and black earth. And wake to crumbling walls and city sounds. And cry to dream again...(pure drama!! I'm paraphrasing the Tempest. Because I have geekiness). I feel better for having written it. Amazing how we can move through emotions so fluidly, and move beyond, and let go.

The Tempest!! We watched the film version with Helen Mirren as Prospera! It was stunning and the bonus materials are incredible to watch. Russell Brand has a scary brilliant mind, and rattles off an entire back story to his character that made me stand there with my mouth agape. Crazy, rambling, breathless, seamless, improvisational genius. Helen is aged and gorgeous (I cannot stress this enough, she is so beautiful in this film)and powerful. I loved it. Ben Whishaw is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. We're watching it again with C soon. I'm really looking forward to it, the second viewing of a great film is always better than the first. And now I doth desire to express mine dearest thoughts and inclinations as thou woulds't in Shakespeare's day.

Off to the air show to watch Pappy ride in the plane that first sparked his interest in planes, oh so many years hence. I'm excited for him!!

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