Friday, August 10, 2012

ennui, paper, scissors

I've had a stellar day. I have clearly identified my ennui as the result of the inevitable fallow period between creative bursts. So I dug around all of my supplies today and have some new items in the works. Happily happily!
Soo, I'm in love. I'm a happy monkey who gets to spend my days with my beloved friend and sweetest love. And it pretty much rocks.We'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary on Monday, and it feels impossible that a year has passed. I'm pretty excited about our day, as we've planned some real treats for ourselves. We're actually going on a with dressing up and everything! A movie (squeek! I love going to the movies and it's been ages) and appetizers at the bar at Left Bank. Ohhhh, man. We haven't eaten there for more than a year, and appetizers at the bar are the way to go. Best Calamari in the city, tuna tartar, prawn on artichoke hearts etc etc. The absolute best part is that Nik'l and I get to spend it together! She was so busy with the food at our wedding, and we barely hung out that day, it was such a happy blur. Our anniversary plans are our gifts, but we'll also be making a paper chain out of the ceremony. Year one is Paper:)

Today I paid for a haircut for the first time in a year. And it was awesome. I went to the Fawn and Fox on Delaware Ave. Firstly, the space is really beautiful. I started to get all anxious as I waited because of course I was early. I walked there and thought it would take longer. So I started looking through one of those hair cut magazines and got the giggles because whoever did the airbrushing was super obsessed with making the whites of peoples eyes really white. I mean, every picture..and as soon as I noticed it, it was all I could see. Just really poorly airbrushed eyes. Anyway, Kristin was amazing and she was interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Best part? Cute hair! Helmet hair? Banished! Huzzah! She also took it in stride that I don't use shampoo. I only told her this because I recently did my 10 day baking soda wash and then I did the vinegar conditioner last night and I smelled like salad. 

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