Sunday, August 12, 2012

flo-flu-fog & one beautiful day in a lifetime

I am writing this from deep inside the flu fog. Upright and mobile, if gingerly, and slow moving.

On my wedding day, I woke early in the loft and looked at Nik, and felt completely at ease. We had breakfast and while she started in the kitchen, I headed for the tent. My brother Patrick and his wife Ja'Nene arrived from California the day before. We had strung lights and decorated and ate a big, delicious feast of Mammy's pasta and meatballs. So the morning of the wedding my focus was on setting the tables with all of the odd china I'd been collecting piecemeal over the previous year. And the ball jars for candles, and the flowers we had grown..
Danielle and Mike arrived and pitched right in. Carra arrived, Pat and Ja'Nene, Bryn. We frosted cupcakes, cut fruit, had a quick ceremony run-through..
And before we knew it people were arriving! The weather was ideal, there was so so much love imbued in the entire day. My brother Joe and our family friend Mark sang one of Joe's songs. It was perfect..
The ceremony, written by Carra was incredible, it felt so personal and relevant and both Nik and I cried at points, feeling so known and loved, and we felt full of such appreciation for everyone assembled. We exchanged our written vows and rings before Debra and Jayme wrapped us in the quilt that our friend Amber made us. Everyone that we invited mailed us material that was incorporated into it..
And we were Married! Carra pronounced us and I was beyond giddy and overcome with joy..
I freaking love my family..
The food was incredible, and there was so much of it! Between Nik's beautiful endeavor to serve our guests by cooking that day, and peoples contributions of lovely side dishes and pies, it was a feast. There were games and walks and ease and love and so much hugging. It was a full moon, and we shared our first dance later in the evening..
Before sitting around a camp fire in the back field. We were exhausted and happy when we finally called it a night.

I would marry that Nik'l again and again. And we different ways we re commit and re declare and re affirm our love. Pretty much every day. I feel so grateful, and happy and...woozy..I think it's time to crawl back to the couch.

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