Tuesday, August 7, 2012

laughing till you snort. In public.

Tonight I spent time at Spot coffee, reading and enjoying a sugary and overpriced beverage while nik'l caught up with an old friend at our house. I finished Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, also known as The Bloggess. I guess that what follows is basically my review of her book. It made me laugh, which was expected. It made me laugh until I nearly cried of out-of-control like. Not so expected. But Eddie Izzard makes that happen too, so...hey..awesome. I kind of like that 'teetering on the edge hysteria' from laughter.  
LPTNH (I'll just call it that to simplify things, and so I don't have to press the shift key so much) also made me really sad..which was so Not expected. There was loss and struggle and really painful stuff. And I felt sort of ticked off at first, because it's supposed to make me laugh. Not feel all empathy induced anxiety-ey and distraught. But I got through those parts, and opened up to Jenny as more than a vehicle to laughter, but as a whole, beautiful, complex person. And I feel better for it. And then she made me laugh until I snorted in my effort not to be laughing alone and on the edge of hysteria. In Public. Again..Awesome.
Buy this book. Or borrow it, but not from me because book lending makes me all nervous and then your name will be on a list and I'll have to keep checking in to see if you're done yet and eventually it gets awkward.
Jenny Lawson is amazing. And makes me want to stroke her hair sometimes and say, 'there, there...it's oookay..'. and then I also think I want to get drunk with her, then hide under a table together and ask leading questions about ex-lax, and zombies, and I want to bond with her over Hamlet mice.
heart heart heart.

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