Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moonrise kingdom and stuff

Healing is slow, but I feel better every day. Anniversary plans have been spread out into an anniversary-palooza. three days of mini celebrations and couch time for me.

Moonrise Kingdom was lovely. Wes Anderson makes me feel nostalgic and dreamy. His visual realization of sets is brilliant. I can't imagine I'll ever get tired of it. Even The Life Aquatic, my least favorite of his films has that amazing scene which brings you through the boat as a cross section...moving through the rooms and levels fluidly and giving you a voyeuristic glimpse of what each person is doing in any given space. A lot of Moonrise is outdoors, but the colors stay true, soft with pops of red tones. It's so darn pretty. And then there's the great, looming loss of innocence, the verging on adulthood, the examples of adults in Sam and Suzy's lives that seem so limited and sad to them. There is Sam's familial loss and Suzy's familial discontent and a longing to create a family that will accept them as they are. I love that the Island is this place full of possibility, but it's also isolated and finite. Also, there is a kitten.

I am happy to say I've started working on something new..ish. I'm still using matchboxes, but using antique photos, and writing small vignettes for each image, which will be on the outside of the box. I'm still playing with what to wrap the outer boxes in, having grown tired of my current paper selection. I have some handmade paper, but it is too...current? I feel like I want to stick with the aesthetic and use paper that feels and looks old. But maybe the juxtaposition of modern, bright paper would work? Signing off to go work that out. Pictures to follow...

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