Monday, August 6, 2012

pretty don't equal stable.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..what a difference a day makes. Today I am able to take a step back and feel grateful for the living situation we're in. To know that it is not permanent and that all things change in the direction of our intent. I will move. I will be able to unpack all of my favorite things. I will have space that feels grounding.

I have wondered at my impulse last year to begin packing for a move which I wanted, though it was only an idea. Since I can remember, my space has been important to me. I want to be surrounded by beautiful, inspiring things. I want cleanliness and order in my space. These things help me to feel grounded, secure, and at ease. Living with most of my favorite items (including my books!) in boxes stacked behind the couch in our living room makes me crazy. And yet...I am the one who packed them.

I've forced myself out of my comfort zones this year. There has been so much uncertainty for us in so many areas of our lives. But it has been good for me, in lots of ways. So I gently remind myself that I am well and safe and that some boxes behind the couch will not undo me.That I am inspired by beauty everywhere. That I am safe within myself. I still can't wait to unpack, and to live with all of my favorite things in view. But until I do, I'm okay.

I'm tweaking my etsy shop (flomade) this week. Trying to make listings clearer and adding some new things. I keep wanting to make more abc boxes, but feel compelled to sell what I have first. Looked into Art-O-Mat, which is a company that sells art through old cigarette machines. Here is me at the Art-O-Mat in Key West 3 years ago...or is it 4?

Also looking at the possibility of more shows and art festivals in the area. Good stuff..forward momentum..huzzah!

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