Friday, September 14, 2012

PMS. Or, soybeans and cake for supper.

I heard something shocking recently. It started with my little list of 'what the heck is going on with me' symptoms. It ended in this exchange..'Oh, dear. How old are you?' '40 in January.' 'tsk, it sounds an awful lot like perimenopause'. After all of my joking, has it actually begun? I took a quiz on Christiane Northrup's website, and have 'moderate' symptoms, which they go on to explain means I'm 'already in the throes of hormonal imbalance'. This makes me laugh, because it's so dramatic it sounds like I made it up. But I didn't..which is still funny.

I'm also in the throes of PMS right now. My best love and life-time partner-in-living has sweetly given me the next 24 hours to take care of my needs. Which include eating two bags of edamame and a slice of chocolate cake with French butter creme frosting. Watching a documentary (Young At Heart) that my most vibrant bff promises will make me 'sob and sob' but in the good, affirming, heart-full way. Soaking in a lavender epsom salt bath, and reading until I fall asleep right in the very middle of the bed.
Having said that, I really want to unplug right now! So I'll wrap up real quick by saying, whatever the state of my hormones currently, I'm so flippin' happy to be living my life. I feel so loved, and so much love flows right back out of me. I get to be creative in my work every day, or to help someone I love, or to go for an adventure with my favorite person. I feel accepted and safe in my relationship, even in the scary stuff, like exploring healthy ways to express anger. I feel completely supported on my stumbling, leaping, growing, reaching, changing path. In return, I am a safe place. I am loving, and supportive. I practice every day at becoming the most brilliant shimmery unican friend and partner and sister and daughter-in-law that I can be. And I get to keep on succeeding and failing and practicing..every day..right up until the very last one that I'm blessed to live.

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