Saturday, October 27, 2012

ornamental anticipation

The weather has turned. Cold, rain, and grey grey grey. And i love it. The house is aglow with candles and soft light. There is a feeling of comfort and refuge from the weather. I am full of anticipation for Thanksgiving, and the magical season it ushers in. Nik and I are already singing caroles and talking about where we'll put the tree. I, of course, am slighty preoccupied with finding one that is NOT infested with aphids. I was a little traumatized by that last year and have No desire to repeat the great aphid tree experiment. *shudder*

I have two shows lined up for the holidays, too. And have begun making ornaments! Here are a couple of my favorites..

They are both currently at Studio Hart on Allen Street. But here is my absolute favorite, which I may not be able to part with..

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