Friday, November 9, 2012

A Happy Birthday

Nik turns 39 today! I get to celebrate all of the things about her that I find so remarkable and amazing every single day. But today, I get to do it louder!
A few things about Nik'l that make me proud...
 Her loyalty, which is deep. Her absolute sweetness, which is so apparent in her actions. Her authenticity and frank honesty. Her integrity, and willingness to stand up and speak out. Her brilliance, and ideas for helping people create more connection and joy. Her optimism and hope. Her big open playful spirit ,sense of adventure, her smile, and laugh. Her wonder and curiosity about the world...
I am so blessed to love her, and to fall in love more as time passes, and time passes sweetly and easily. Even when we argue, when life feels like rough waters, there is a deep calm place that is love. friendship. commitment. wonder. joy. gratitude.

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