Friday, December 28, 2012

quickly, quickly...

A few quick notes...
       The Holidays were full of love this year. They usually are, but this year in particular felt super charged with enormous amounts of loving gratitude and appreciation.
          I got a lock pick. Totally feel like Nancy Drew/Sabrina Duncan/Mata Hari. I also got a auburn fantasy-mermaid wig, so I feel changeable/blend-inable. And dangerous. In a really non aggressive way. I just want to be a lady detective and solve mysteries.
         I can't wait to ring in the new year with my two favorite people. My perfect match, and my best bosom friend. A quiet evening, some food adventuring, and champagne. A lovely way to welcome a year that I'm pretty thrilled to usher in.
        And I'm turning 40 in TWO WEEKS. Amazing! I figure, my 30's were pretty wonderous. My 40's are going to be even better! More on this later.

Off to prep for a lovely supper/evening with our favorite neighbors. Feeling chock full of love and gleeful gratitude.
*heart heart heart*

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