Thursday, December 13, 2012

Update-y and link-y and whatnot.

First, updatey stuff. Pappy is home and recovering from his Radical Prostectomy. I was able to be there to keep the dog company while Nik'l and Mammy spent the days at Roswell. It made me happy to be able to give them peace of mind about Miss Jesse Jane (woof), and to do things around that house in order to alleviate some of the duties that don't feel terribly relevant when you're taking care of a loved one who is recovering. There have been a few issues, along with the general discomfort and anxiety of healing from something so major, but all is well. I feel so blessed to have Mammy and Pappy in my life. I love them more and more, which is such an incredible bonus to loving Nik.We will be present as much as possible through the recovery process, which sometimes means being apart. I won't see my Nik'l until Sunday morning, which seems so far away. We've never been apart this long, and while I am very occupied (more below), I miss her so.

The Queen City Market was a ridiculous success. So much so that I have been making and making new things for the past 4 days. So much making. So much glue, the toxic good smelling kind as well as the pasty balls of glue all over the floor kind. Both Friday and Saturday I'll be at the Last Minute Panic sale at the WNY Book Arts Collective. I'm pretty excited about it for a few reasons. It is the first show I ever did, three years ago, so I feel a real affection for, and loyalty to it. Also, the people are wonderful. My friend Barbara Hart, who makes these amazing little wood people will be there..
And Chris from Fly Rabbit Press
And Jan who makes quirky, eclectic jewelry that I love
Also, Lloyd's Taco truck will be there, win win WIN.

Last Minute Panic is Friday 4-8 and Saturday 12-6...come see great people! Buy cool one of a kind gifts! Eat tacos!
Some favorite new ABC boxes!
R is for Regeneration
 S is for Saint (Catherine)

Back to work so that I can sit back tonight and sleep easy knowing I'm ready for tomorrow. 

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