Monday, January 14, 2013

Bridesmaid Invitation Gift Boxes

I Love making these boxes. I've had great success with them, and so far everyone who has ordered them has responded with so much enthusiasm.

 These came into being after I made my brother Butch a 'card' of little discs strung together that told a story in images. Here it is.. Earlier that month, I had ordered a tiny ceramic farm from an Etsy seller (also seen in the above post!), and it came in a little 3" round box, which I loved! As I searched for more of the boxes, hoping to make little dioramas in them, I found these paper mache boxes which I've used ever since.
I started making boxes that said 'I Love You', Thank You So Much' and the like. It was actually a customer who first said, 'could you make me one that says Will You Marry Me?'. I've been in a wee panic of late, as these boxes seem to be getting harder and harder to find. I've tried to buy some recently, only to be told 'Sorry, we can't get the round ones anymore'. What will I do if they are no longer made? Adapt. But I don't really want to change them. I love the 2" size, and the color.
In the meantime, I'll keep ordering and purchasing what I can find! Maybe I will single handedly revitalize the mini round paper mache box industry.

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