Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy! New! Year!

This year I will endeavor to write more often.
                                      to travel more.
                                      to see more of the people I love More often.
                                      to speak my heart and mind more bravely.
                                      to be more ambitious about finding homes for the things I make.
This year I feel more grateful than I ever have.
                        more in love.
                        more centered.
                        more joyful than I ever have.
                        more hope.
This year I will leap and shimmy and twirl my way into a brand new decade.
 I will honor my 30's and the lessons that they held.
I will throw my arms wide open to my 40's in the belief that I am vibrant, open, beautiful, learning, loving, and healthy...and that it will keep getting better.
In my 40's I will hold onto the hope of going to France, Prague, and Scotland.
                                                       of  finding, creating, and loving a Home,
                                                                                      and Land,
                                                                                      and Chickens.
                                                       of nurturing love, intimacy, and connection.
                                                       of my continuing creativity, and my evolving in creativity.
Woot! Woot! Let the wonders begin!!

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