Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the mend, and loving what I make

I'm on day 5 of some relentless ailment that has made me long for Ann Boleyn's fate. Last Thursday it began with 'My throat feels scratchy', and it's spiraled from there. But, all is not lost. I'm feeling much better, though not yet well. Today I will bathe! I'm also determined to walk, but seeing as it's -16 with the windchill here in Buffalo, that will happen in a mall. Just like those adorable seniors who show up as soon as the doors open and do laps in their orthopedic sneakers. Only it's already 11am, and I won't likely wear sneakers.

I've had a fresh spate of views and emails about my matchbook cities. here are a couple..
 I love making these and I am grateful to the young man in NYC, who first inspired me to make them more than 20 years ago with his own very different matchbook city.
They're time and labor intensive. They make lots of glue balls and the occasional paper cut, but I love them. I've lowered the price some, too, in hopes of getting more wedding favor orders. it feels so good to make these for weddings. Especially when I'm able to mark the exact location on the map..
The hearts mark the location of Jaya and Raymond's wedding, and the bottom section has his childhood home on it. Happy Making.

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