Wednesday, February 27, 2013

run-on, Ronia, and randomness

I'm feeling so utterly grateful today. It's not that this day has held any particular wonder in it. I didn't win anything or buy anything for myself or sell anything. I didn't go anywhere, except to run a few errands. I just feel so entirely present in what this day has offered me. I spent time helping a friend, and doing small things that will make her happy and which will help her. I spent time driving around with my love, laughing together at my drama, laughing at our observations of the world. I saw a worm on a rainy sidewalk, and smelled the earth's musty funky dirt thawing aroma which always signals spring to me. I feel open, and quiet, and ready for aunt flow to arrive. And when she does I will bundle up on the couch and read books and nap and talk softly with Nik'l and eat everything that I crave.
So so entirely blessed and grateful on this grey and rainy/snowy day. In this wonderfully meandering creative life. Every day I chose what to do, how to feel, where to go. I work hard on my shop, and making an income through doing what I love. I create beautiful things for the energy and pleasure it gives me. Lucky me.

I recently read Ronia the Robber's daughter by Astrid Lindgren. I recommend this book to you, whatever your gender or age. It is the perfect book. There is so much heart aching goodness in it. Childhood untamed, and unhampered and full of testing and freedom and joy. There is the loss of innocence that comes of learining what before was unquestioned. there is disappointment in parents, then new learned appreciation and gratitude for them, and there is parents disappointment in their children, and new learned respect and admiration for them. There is love, deep deep love, between people and for nature and animals and the seasons. There is loss by choice, and loss through death. There is grieving and healing, and forgiveness, and Ronia is a girl, a miraculous, simple, amazing girl, learning and feeling and living. These things, which barely touch the deep beauty of the writing, make it perfect.
Read Ronia.
I am naming a chicken after her. Or maybe a dog, someday.
And then there is this..
Which I love so much it's ridiculous.

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