Friday, March 29, 2013

Life of Pi, gratitude, and actual pie

Spring is coming. Ohhh, yes, it is. I heard frogs. I saw geese being all settled down and mate-y. I see buds on the trees and the light is changing. It's a'comin'.
I feel full of delicious aliveness and excitement. i've pulled out summer clothes, only to put them away again...but still. They've been unearthed and there are plans in the works.
Nik'l and I went to the 1.75 movies today and saw Life Of Pi. Beauty and trauma and beauty. I loved the book and the film was wonderful and mostly true to it. Faith, chaos, beauty, fear, determination, survival, love, loss, grief, nature, religion. So much and so many remarkable moments and such huge beauty. It made me feel grateful to be alive. It made me grateful not to be in a life raft. It reinforced my deep deep repulsion to hyennas.
And now to make pies and relax into a beautiful evening with my love.
Easy. Easy.

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