Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's is better than Valentine's Day!

In 2008, I spent my first St. Patricks day with Nik. Part of the day, anyway. We weren't dating yet, but got together in a small group for boiled supper and guiness at Ulrich's Pub. I wasn't crazy about the guiness, or the pour of Jameson I sipped, but the two, when sipped one right after the other elevated both flavors. The first of many culinary awakenings I've had thanks to Nik. Yum. We walked a bit and then she was gone. Off with some other friends and I spent a disproportionate amount of time that day trying to locate her again.
2009. We've been dating 6 months. The weather is glorious. We revisit Ulrich's and declare it 'tradition'. Nik turns to me mid parade and declares, "I'm going to propose to you on St. Patricks Day! In Ireland". It was touching and way cute and I laughed because at the time it felt impossible. That I would ever get engaged, or go to Ireland!
2010. On St Patricks day I wake to a ring and a promise. The ring is by Annie Adams, a local jewelry designer I love. And it resembles a compass, which has its own sweet and particular significance for Nik and I. Here is Nik being snubbed by Charles Schummer that day..
2011. We are in the midst of planning our trip to Ireland!! And I know we'll get engaged there..because she promised.

2012. My Mom had just passed away and I was feeling particularly, keenly appreciative of Nik, and wallowing in love. We were also a mere 5 months from our wedding! A cold, lovely year..lots of anticipation.
Us w our friend Sean that year.
And here is 2013!! Time has passed sweetly, and I feel grateful every day..but this particular day, St Patricks day, is full of extra sweetness and love. Our version of Valentine's day, I guess. Let the green hearts commence in flying from my eyes...

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