Sunday, April 7, 2013

visiting, and change and how good it feels

There is an easy anticipation in this day. We woke and lingered and have moved about the morning with purpose. As my thoughts shift toward heading to the Cappy Ranch for an overnight, I find myself in between the tug of the familiar and the lure of change. It's how traveling feels. As I prepare to leave home, there is suddenly such a connection to what I'm leaving behind. I feel badly for Bijou, who is so rooted in her routines with us, and is such a weird, changeable cat when routines are disrupted. I worry about all of the 'things' I feel tied to. The possessions I love. But the lure of 'Away' is stronger. And I long for the feeling that going outside of routines creates in me. Feeling stretched a little. Challenged. Seeing new things, and being in unfamiliar surroundings feels like it's giving my brain a little shake. I feel extra engaged and aware. I feel this to some degree even going to the Cappy's...though it is so familiar to me. The world is full of bird song there, and wind, and quiet. There is the canal, and room to run and the field that I love. It smells different there. It feels different in its open spaces. It changes something in me. I get to enjoy people I love, and to hang out with a perfect little sheltie, and sleep in the loft.
And now, I'll get back to the things I do before departing. Cleaning house, changing sheets, making sure the kids are set until their cat-guardian comes to visit. And I'll shift my thoughts toward the moment when we shut the door behind us and micro-mini adventure to a change of scene.

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