Sunday, May 19, 2013

642 things to write about...#1

Annie woke gently, and stretched in the pre dawn light. Birds were just beginning to serenade the morning outside her window. Carefully, she lifted the edge of the curtain and peered out. Daylight's slow approach turned the sky into a seamless piece of ombre silk. Everything was still, and her world, in that moment, felt like the pause between breathes, poised, silent. Faraway, she could hear the crowing of a single rooster, boisterous and joyful. Gershwin appeared at the end of Annie's bed in that silent way that cats suddenly appear. He mewed and mrowed and butted his head against her chin, purring his good morning to her.
In the kitchen, they moved about their routines with purpose. Jumping to the top of the refrigerator, Gershwin oversaw Annie's breakfast preparations from the corner of his eye as he went about his morning grooming. Knife in hand, she sliced her bagel as she spoke softly to Gershwin. "Life is full of so much possibility", she explained to him, "and not a thing to be napped through". Maybe, thought Gershwin, maybe not. Not that he was opposed to being awake, mind you. Often he was up for hours on end playing and patrolling the house. People simply lacked the ability to relish a good cat nap, he figured. Quiet and stillness seemed unattainable to them, except at night which as any cat knew was the very best time to stalk shadows. Reaching a paw out to pat Annie's hair as she walked by, Gershwin felt sorry for his person. She was such a slave to her humanity.Today he would bird watch,and he would sleep in beams of sunlight between eating and playing and sleeping some more. Underneath the porch, he knew, was a family of mice whom he would kill come evening. Virtually every moment of his day held purpose. "We need groceries, and I need to go to the dry cleaners" Annie prattled on. X-ray vision couldn't show Gershwin a clearer picture of her inner workings. Yawning extravagantly, he turned his back on her and thought " and I have at least 4 naps to fit in before lunch". Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

This was FUN! The assignment was to tell a story in which each sentence begins with a letter of the alphabet, moving sequentially..A,B,C, etc.

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