Thursday, May 30, 2013

a perfect moment at a time

I feel like writing simply feels so joyful and ripe. Nik is recovered enough from her flu that she accompanied me on my dog walking walk today. It's hard to see her unwell. She's so active and has been entirely healthy for two years, and this flu has been a sad, sad flu. BUT...the up and about Nik'l I saw today has sparked my temporarily put-to-rest travel bug, and I am feeling all ants in the pants to go away again. We had been planning on seeing Gettysburg, and then camping in MD, a first for us both. New places to see and experience together! Let the planning commence!!
I also created something new today! It's a gift though, and as I've no idea if its recipient looks at this blog, I won't be posting any images of it. felt really wonderful to make something where once there was just a box of matches. And to wrap it up and get it set to ship tomorrow! The giving of a gift is so joy making  in itself.
I'm feeling grateful, and today held many little treasures, so I'll end this entry with a small list of..

*waking up to Bijou's mewing 'now? nowww? nnowwwww?' and letting her in for a morning snuggle
*A perfectly toasted multi grain bagel, lots of butter
*Seeing Nik'l up and dressed and energetic
*being greeted by Ruth, my great dane friend
*laughing with my bff on the phone, and making happy time-together plans
*touching base with a friend who is far away, and feeling happier for it
*my brother butch and the beautiful cupboards he painted
*hearing bird song, feeling warm breezes, and watching the summer light change as evening sets in
*feeling utterly content in this moment

And realizing that in each moment of this day, even when I felt cranky, there was perfection....

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