Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shampoo Free...Still!

It's been nearly a year since I decided to go Shampoo Free. Here's a bit of background as to how I came to it.
A few years ago I began struggling with dandruff for the first time ever. I started using a dandruff shampoo, and thus began my weekly cycle...Wash hair, which then gets fluffy and frizzy, scalp feels itchy. Two days or so later, oily hair, itchy scalp. Wash. Itch. Repeat. I got pretty fed up, and at about the same time, my love read about sodium laurel sulphate, which is in most soaps and shampoos...and engine de-greasers, floor cleaners, and car wash soaps. Scary, toxic stuff.
This new knowledge Thoroughly freaked me out. I eat organic, yet I was bathing in toxins? No thank you. So I started to look into alternatives. I searched the internet, hoping to find some organic shampoo, but what I found instead was the 'No 'poo movement'. And I was thrilled. The theory was simple. Our bodies regulate themselves just fine. This includes our scalps ability to produce enough oil to maintain it's own health. When we shampoo with a chemical like SLS it strips our scalp Entirely of oil, which then causes our scalp to over produce in order to compensate. Going shampoo free allows our scalp to regulate itself, and the results are beautiful.
Here is my original blog entry from that time..
It's been almost an entire year! I've learned a lot by reading about others experiences, but mainly through trial and error.
Here's where I am today...I began to boil my water after realizing that it's 'hard water' and may have been the original cause of my dandruff(!). I add baking soda while the water is still hot but no longer boiling. There's a fun volcanic reaction, after which I have a silky, slippery feeling water/baking powder solution. I put the mixture into a reusable water bottle with a pop top. I just shake it up to wash my hair. I rinse with faucet water, but I always re rinse with a boiled water (cooled down of course!!) and lemon mixture. I massage that into my scalp, let it sit a few minutes and then give it one more rinse with boiled and cooled water. I tried using apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse for awhile. People swear by it but I couldn't stand the smell. It pretty much disappears after your hair dries, but if I went go to yoga, and my head got hot or started to sweat, I emanated salad scents. Not so appealing.
Here is my hair now...
Obviously, I've also spent the year letting it grow! I am itch and dandruff free. I've also managed to switch to soap, deodorant, makeup, and toothpaste which are all SLS, paraben, and phthlates FREE.

I highly encourage you to make the leap! The first few weeks was a rough transition, but beyond that it's been amazing. Read a lot, try things, ask questions, and be willing to be greasy for awhile!

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