Monday, June 8, 2015

I don't have a lot of time or energy to write today, but because I skipped the last three days, here is a quick ABC story.
The first sentence will start with the letter A, the second B and so on throughout the alphabet.

Amelia wandered down the garden path, lulled by birdsong and the smell of wild roses. Breezes tousled the tall grass and bluebells at her feet and set the tree leaves above her head to dances both joyful and solemn. Clouds skittered and gathered, promising a turn in the weather. "Don't forget your slicker" she could hear Nanny calling as she ran out the door that morning. Eventually she would have to admit that she had ignored Nanny in her desire to get out of doors. For now, though, she would revel in her freedom, and the wind, the clouds and leaves and wildflowers. Groups of tiny mushroom rings sprung up here and there as she entered the woods. How magical they looked, like faerie rings! Incandescent in their perfect pearly whiteness against the lush grass. Jumping toads leapt out ahead of her on the path, and she bent again and again to touch their rough backs. Killdear beckoned her with feigned broken wings, luring her away from their fledgling nests. Late afternoon crept on, and she began to wend her way home, tired and happy. Mostly, she thought of the supper that would await her. New potatoes and roast beef and a pudding. Oven hot and served beside the fire in the kitchen, Nanny fussing over her grass stains and snarled hair. Peering over the hill top, she could just make out the roofline and felt a thrill of anticipation. Quickening her walk to a run, she flew through the field of Queen Anne's Lace and evening primrose. Racing now to beat the rain as the sky turned suddenly dark, and the wind blew cold and strong. She let out a shrill cry of glee and shock as the first drops hit her, freezing and forceful in the wind. The gate just before her, she turned her face to the sky for one brief moment before a bolt of lightening sent her scurrying for the kitchen door. Up the stairs by twos and with a bang she was inside. "Vexation!", shouted Nanny, as Amelia stood grinning as a puddle of water formed around her on the stone floor. "Wet as a polliwog!" Cried cook. "Your mother will have my hide for the state of you", grumbled Nanny. "Zest those limes, will you", she asked cook over her shoulder as she bustled Amelia out of the kitchen and toward the stairs.

Eh. X is always such a bother. If she'd broken her arm I could've added x-ray.

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