Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I haven't written since 2013. But I promised myself that from within this beautiful new creative space, I would begin writing again. So here I am. Uncertain, but willing. I'll be using the book 642 Things to Write About to help me get started again. I plan to write a little (most) every day, and I think it will help to have some prompts.

Here goes...Write for 10 minutes about what is running through a husband -to-be's head while waiting for his wife-to-be to walk down the aisle.

Oh my god. So many of my exes are here. Why did I invite so many exes? So many of her exes are here! Why did she invite so many of her exes? I wonder if anyone will object. Who would object? Certainly none of mine. They probably pity her. They have no idea who I am now! Who do they think they are pitying her? She's lucky to have me! I'm lucky! Stupid blind luck and here I am, about to marry the best person I've ever known. Why is this taking so long? God, I'm so nervous. Hi, Aunt Berty, yes I see you there, waggling your fingers at me. Hi. What color are her nails? They look lethal. Wonder if Uncle Mort felt like this on their wedding day? Look how they turned out. 61 years of matrimonial nagging, berating, and occasional shouting matches. And that was at family gatherings! Poor cousin Maybelline. No wonder she's a spinster. Always coming to these family things with her friend Dixie, year in and year out....oh. Huh. I wonder if Sarah knows? I'll have to ask her later. Later! Later she'll be my wife! God, I'm lucky. Stupid, blind luck. The wedding March! Her mean sister Charlotte! Oh. Sarah.

Hm. Well. It is what it is, and I'm dedicated to posting what I write. So. Until tomorrow.

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